The Spot Bungalows – Gerupuk Beach Lombok

The Spot Bungalows – Gerupuk Beach Lombok

South Lombok has many surf spots and only 15 minutes from Kuta Lombok. Grupuk (Gerupuk) has some excellent surfing. After you arrive at Gerupuk you have to take a boat across the bay to the point where the surf breaks. The surf conditions are excellent for beginners and you can take lessons here and hire surf boards.

A nice bay to surf, this spot offers three different surf spots; a right, an outside left in big swells and an A-frame peak. It does have a narrow swell window however, which can hinder consistency slightly. Not your usual full on hardcore barrels that Indo has become famous for but a more mellow user friendly waves with a chilled out vibe in the water. You’ll need to get a boat out to the breaks from one of the helpful locals.

Conveniently situated right in the heart of Kuta township The Spot is just one street behind Kuta Bay Beach. Nearby are many fine restaurants and the intriguing locals morning market and fishing village. Swiss owner manager Eva, Jan (her son) and her local staff, take great pride in being a family friendly welcoming place providing travellers with the wonder of staying in a naturally cool, grass roofed, local style bamboo bungalow.

The generous bungalows are grouped together in a pretty tropical garden around a traditional bamboo Baruga. This is a favourite place where guests like to sit and relax together day and night, reading, chatting and resting, even food and drinks are served here if you like! The Spot also has the convenience of it’s own café restaurant with free wi-fi available right throughout the property.

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