Raja Ampat Backpacker Tips

Raja Ampat Backpacker Tips

Raja Ampat has a huge natural diversity in Indonesia. Majority of its visitors come from foreign country.

Most of them stay at a luxury resort for several weeks. However, for you the backpacker-style travel, you may also visit Raja Ampat with less money and the expenses can be reduced into minimal point.

Based on data from the tourism department of the Raja Ampat regency, still very few tourists come to this place are backpacker.

About 8400 tourists who came in 2011, less than five percent are the backpackers. Apparently, the costs can be lowered without compromising the essence of the charm of the area.

Top tips to reduce costs are: go along with about ten other people. For flights to Raja Ampat, if you are patient and observant, you can get a promo package from airlines.

You can get an even cheaper price if you stay with locals. Many people who offer and the price will be home, but the price is negotiable depend on the residents. The next day, of the next agenda is to enjoy around the Raja Ampat archipelago uses the boat.

The fares are quite expensive, ranging from six to a dozen million, because of high fuel prices in Papua as well as the breadth of the travel path in a variety of rides in Raja Ampat.

Although expensive, you can return to emphasis on the optimal price point. If the executive class of ordinary tourists traveling alone or with small groups using a fancy boat, then of course you are coming in groups can reduce costs.

In addition, you can rent a wooden longboat belonging to residents with a capacity of about 10 people to get the cheaper price.

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