Five Interesting Destinations in West Sumatra

Five Interesting Destinations in West Sumatra

Solok regency is one area that has many interesting destinations in West Sumatra. Some of you must visit this weekend is Lake Batur, Lake Talang, Bukit Cambai, and Masjid Tuo Kayu Jao.

Solok district has prepared well known tourist attraction in the international world. In addition to Lake Batur, there are Twin Lakes, Lake Talang, Cambai Hill, Tea Gardens, and the Mosque Tuo Jao beautiful wood.

Located in a strategic location which is about 1 hour from the city of Padang and 3.5 hours of Bukittinggi, Solok is one destination that you must visit flown if West Sumatra. In addition to Lake Batur whose popularity worldwide through cycling event Tour De Batur, complete record of your trip by visiting the following objects:

1. Danau Kembar (Twin Lakes)

Twin Lakes is the name given to the lake and Lake In Ateh Under. Both locations are adjacent and have similar natural conditions, making the two lakes called Twin Lakes.

This attraction is located in Twin Lake District, 60 kilometers from Padang towards Arosuka, Capital Solok. From junction Lubuk Basil, take the ramp to get to the Twin Lakes or Alahan Panjang.

Nan headland at the fourth intersection, turn right if you want to the dock on the shores of Upper Lake. But if you want to turn left towards Panorama.

On the pier, there is a speedboat for rent for visitors around the lake. While in Panorama, you can see the lake and the Upper and Lower Lakes and Mount Talang Gunung Kerinci.

If bound for the shores of Lake Down, walk towards Intersection Market and pass the path to the lake Kapalo Jorong Under. Under the smaller lakes have not managed so still beautiful with the rustic atmosphere typical Minang.

Prepare warm clothes because you will be greeted by cold temperatures typical of the mountains.

2. Danau Talang (Gutters lake)

Lake located at the foot of Mount Talang Talang, precisely in Kampung Batu In. Atmosphere is quiet and natural surroundings. Gutters Lake allure is not less than any other lake in West Sumatra.

If you want to walk away from Tanjung Simpang Nan IV, walk into the compound and the District Police Office Twin Lakes. Then trace the rocky road.

Field is taken in the form field area to the trail-shrub heath interspersed several villages. Unmitigated, mileage up to 3 kilometers. If you want to drive, you can turn left in the direction of Panorama Jorong Freshwater-Bukik Sileh with conditions that partially paved road.

3. Waterfalls and Tea Garden

The winding road from Basil Lubuk toward Twin Lakes will not be boring because you will be treated to a beautiful view during the journey. At least there are three waterfalls on the side of the highway traveler can enjoy.

Expanse of tea gardens are also the main attraction. Stop for a moment to capture and photograph-ria. Do not forget to taste the vegetable rice cake and rice cake in a coffee shop Pical lined up along the tea gardens. You can also enjoy the valor of Mount Talang, an active volcano as high as 2,597 meters above sea level from here.

4. Mosque Tuo Wood Jao

Beautiful mosque located in Wood Jorong Jao, Nagari Trunk Barus, 1 kilometer from the edge of the highway in the direction of the Twin Lakes are objects of religious tourism. Minangkabau-style mosque is a cultural heritage that has stood since the early 16th century. Tuo mosque Jao Wood also became a witness development of Islam in West Sumatra.

According to the story, the original mosque would be built Jao Tuo Wood on the hill. But the wood has been prepared as a building material carried by flash floods and collected somewhere. Finally it was decided that the wood gathering place as the location of the mosque as we can see today.

Tuo mosque Jao Wood is still used for the sake of worship.

5. Bukit Cambai

For fans of special interest tours such as trekking with a difficulty level that is not too heavy, just come to the Mount Cambai. This is an alternative destination hikers who do not have time to climb Mount Talang. Cambai hill visible from the highway and appeared in films hill shaped like Teletubbies.

You can start the climb towards Simpang Market Under Kapalo lake and climb for 2 hours. At the top, a traveler will see that there are 4 lakes in Solok, the Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Lake Talang, and Lake Batur.

In addition to climbing, hill Cambai also a favorite place to hunt wild boar. This hunt is one of the traditions of the local communities.

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